A Self-Esteem Counsellor and Coach in Edinburgh

Giving you a safe space to explore and untangle your thoughts and unhelpful beliefs into the new.

  • Are you currently feeling overwhelmed and stressed in your daily life?
  • Held back by your own fears, chronic worrying or anxiety about yourself?
  • Maybe feeling like you’ve lost a piece of yourself and the sense of what you want from your life

My name is Kerry Rae

I offer Face to Face counselling in central Edinburgh or Online sessions via Zoom. Please contact me for a free 15-minute introductory call to prospective clients that would like to make initial contact for further information.

Counselling can help you work through low self esteem and emotional stress

My special area of focus lies in supporting people who are struggling with low confidence and self-esteem which is affecting how they feel about themselves and holding them back in aspects of their life. This can leave you with feelings of:

  • General feelings of anxiety
  • Over-thinking, worry and rumination
  • Shame or guilt
  • An inner critic that is hard to silence
  • An inability to relax or take time for yourself
  • A sense of loss or grief
  • Feeling unmotivated or emotionally drained

Maybe you have tried to soothe your feelings however it has now manifested into unhelpful coping strategies which could present itself in your life as:

  • Your relationship with alcohol or food has become unhealthy and is now making you feel worse in yourself
  • You’ve been avoiding anything that makes you uncomfortable but now you feel frustrated with yourself and like you are missing out
  • Maybe you’re stuck feeling compelled to scroll through social media but it leaves you with feelings of comparison and low self-esteem

How do Counselling sessions work?

I know from personal experience and through my training that the relationship between counsellor and therapist is at the heart of the work that we do. The value that counselling sessions can give is to provide a quiet space away from the noise of the outside world to give the client a chance to explore, reflect and untangle their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

All my clients can expect to be treated with respect, non-judgement, and empathy. While I cannot give any easy answers, I am there to listen deeply and to give you a safe space to talk freely and unfiltered.

Some possible considerations during sessions could look like working with:

  • Self-love
  • Self-compassion
  • Addressing limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Boundaries

    Why choose to work with me?

    I have gone through my own struggles in the past and been through the process of counselling so I understand that beginning the journey of counselling can feel daunting, but I also know that it can be deeply rewarding and liberating work.

    My own personal experience meant learning to accept myself and exploring new ideas of myself, my relationships and what I truly wanted in my life. This process of shedding old identities and unhelpful beliefs led me to choose the name Autumn Counselling as, for me, it aligned with the idea of making time for reflection, letting go of what no longer serve us and growing beyond these limiting beliefs into the new.

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